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Is your website currently not giving you the results you desire?

I mean, are you not getting the amount of traffic necessary for the success of your business?

Or do people just land on your website and leave almost immediately – without taking any action you desire? Are you not getting the desired clicks…sales…subscriptions…and more?

  All these problems could simply stem from your content.

I understand how you feel. Probably you’ve tried everything you’ve been told to do; you have a great design, an expensive webmaster for maintenance, you’ve written all you know about your business that should reasonably attract customers, and so on. Yet, you get frustrated with lack of results.

I understand your frustrations, and it’s the reason I’m here – to help you. It’s my specialty. It’s my training. I help website owners (business persons, marketers, companies, etc.) achieve their website goals; grow a loyal audience and make sales, with my topnotch persuasive web writing skills.

One thing you must know is that a web designer’s job (and that of the graphics guy) is different from a web writer’s. Only a professionally-trained web writer/copywriter (like me) can give you the right copy/content for your site, with the adequate knowledge of how people behave on the web, and how to feed the search engines.

Your frustrating web issues could be with simple stuff like headlines or calls-to-action, and it could be more complex issues like wrong content (maybe on the wrong platform), or badly-optimized pages. Or completely bad SEO. Whatever the problem is, we can solve it together — yes, me and you!

By the time we are through with your site, I guarantee your traffic and sales will explode and increase exponentially. You will knock your competitors off their socks and get them blue with envy. You’d be more than glad you ever met me :)

Who am I to make such guarantee?

I’m Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, a trained web copywriter and web content consultant. I’m a member of the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI), and a platinum member of WealthyWebWriter.com.

I’ve been writing online for clients from across the world for over 2 years now, and I’ve helped them achieve their major website goals of more powerful online presence, increased traffic and loyal audience, and increased clicks and sales.

Jo HarrisonI have now been working with Oludami for 2 years, and I am extremely happy with the work he has provided me. His writing is consistent, and he always puts 110% into everything he does. I would highly recommend hiring Oludami for all your writing and SEO auditing needs.

Jo Harrison, Virtual Assistant (WritersBlockAdminServices.co.uk) (France)


Let me make your job easier and make your content work harder for you. (And guess what? I write till you are more than happy…no limit to the number of revisions you get!)

I’m very easy to work with, and I’m always after my clients’ success. I always seek to make a lot of money for my clients. That’s my ultimate joy.

Happy Client

Happy Client

I was so impressed with the work he did with my website copy at AuthorsCrib.com and also with my sales email.

I’m never good at writing copies but he made my life so easy with his great and creative copy-writing skills.

I recommend him any day to anyone for a great value-for-money copy writing services and delivery.


Mayowa A., Author and EBook Marketer (AuthorsCrib.com)

There are different ways we can go about making your website work harder for you. To start with, find below the services I offer:

Web Projects

  • Web Content Analysis/Strategic Site Audits
  • Websites/Web Page Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Sales page/Product Page Copy
  • Order pages/Shopping cart
  • SEO Copy (plus Keyword research)

Email Projects

  • Email Copy
  • Autoresponders
  • E-Newsletter writing

Content Marketing

  • Blogging
  • Articles Writing
  • Content Marketing Strategy/Editorial Calendar
  • Case Studies
  • Video Scripts
  • Lead generation copies
  • EBooks (and Special Reports) Writing

External Projects (outside your website)

  • Press Releases
  • Ads (Banner ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns)
  • Social Media Copy
  • White Papers


  • Copy Critique
  • Speaking/Teaching
  • Training/Coaching

Now let’s talk about them in more details, one after the other.


~ Websites/Web Page Writing: Web pages are the various pages that make a website – from the home page to the about/contact page, to product pages, to landing pages, subscription pages, etc.

Website visitors are very task-oriented. They have questions and they want answers.

Your website should be written to readily answer the questions on your visitor’s mind…and should provide a map for her to get the solution – your product.

I can help you achieve this through my persuasive web writing skills, and my knowledge of what works on the web and what doesn’t.

~ Web Content Analysis/Strategic Site Audits: This is a professional review of how your content performs across the pages of your website to:

1) Drive traffic to the site, and

2) Drive sales activities or help you achieve your marketing goals.

This means I’ll be looking at:

  • how your content reads,
  • how it guides people through the sales process,
  • how clear it is, and
  • how it drives action.


  • how your content is positioned to attract people in search engines, beating out your competition.

Finally, it includes my professional recommendations for fixing the content areas that aren’t working too well for you.

~ Landing Page Copy: The landing page has one main purpose: Get the visitor to take a specific action. That action might be to buy a product, start a free trial, purchase a membership, or sign up for a newsletter, to name a few examples.

I know how to keep the reader completely focused on your product and offer. I know how to structure your landing page for you to get the click!

~ Sales page/Product Page Copy: This is not the same as a landing page or sales letter.

Instead, a sales page is the webpage with all the details about your product. Think of it as similar to a catalog page that’s focused on just one product.

On sales pages and product pages there’s limited real estate, so you have to make most of it.

I can help you craft a winning sales/product page that works, and will help you achieve the ultimate goal of getting a credit card!

~ Order Pages/Shopping Cart

The products pages may be fine, but the order page may be where people abandon the website because the steps are complicated or confusing (as often is the case). I can help you fix that with clear, concise content!

~ SEO Copy (plus Keyword research): No matter the type of web writing project you use, providing an SEO component can increase the value of what you offer.

Search Engine Optimization helps search engines like Google serve your copy up to interested searchers.

Two things are key: providing valuable copy that is relevant to your audience, and; including the “signals” to search engines that help them recognize who your copy is meant for.

I can help you do both effectively to help you achieve your goals of:

  • Getting more pages of your website found by the audience who is interested in them…
  • To cultivate a following of regular visitors…
  • To rank better on search engines…

And I will help you achieve these through writing useful copies built around your keywords, and also writing the copy for your behind-the-scene SEO; those content the search engines would see first – and use in ranking you.

I will also do some other major SEO tweaks to your site where necessary.


~ Email Copywriting: Email marketing has the best Return On Investment (ROI) of any online marketing strategy available. As such, it plays a critical role in most companies’ online marketing plans.

One go-to email-marketing tool you should always utilize is the email promotion. It’s a direct-response copy delivered by email. One that closes the deal.

I can help you achieve the following simple goals of email promotion:

  • To get click-throughs …
  • To get sign-ups …
  • To get orders …

In other words, every email promotion includes some kind of call-to-action, and the desired goal is for your readers to open the message and take the action.

It however starts with a killer subject-line – if it doesn’t grab the attention of the reader, your promo will not be opened. That’s where I come in as a web copywriter. With my always-winning formula for crafting killer subject-lines – and headlines, I can increase the open-rate of any current email campaign.

~ Autoresponders: An autoresponder or an autoresponder series uses brief email messages to increase the response among an audience that’s shown interest in your product or service but who haven’t yet converted to become buyers.

Can also be used to reduce returns, to increase customer satisfaction, to capture leads, and to upsell additional products.

With my autoresponder writing skills, I can help you achieve the goals of:

  • Converting more sales for an initial offer. In this case, the messages go to prospects who have expressed an interest, but who have not yet made a purchase.
  • To increase customer satisfaction. Such a series will usually follow on the heels of a sale with the intention of teaching the new customer more about using your product.
  • To capture leads. A lead-capture autoresponder series is usually framed as a tutorial and it often blends providing useful information with a soft sell – or even a hard sell – for a product.
  • To upsell additional products. If you have a series of related products, then those customers who have purchased a single product may receive an autoresponder series to promote a different, but related product.

You can also use autoresponders to handle routine messages like email opt-in messages, thank you messages, and order confirmation messages.

~ E-Newsletter writing: The structure of a successful e-letter article is the same as the structure of an article. Well-written and mostly not aimed at selling.

I canhelp you craft a well-written e-newsletter (or e-zine) that will achieve the goals of:

  • Generating and securing leads.
  • Building stronger relationships with your customers and prospects by providing a vehicle to share useful information.
  • Providing a pathway to contact your readers with promotional material — but editorial content should outweigh the promotional content.
  • Inviting reader feedback to improve your marketing and product development efforts.
  • Establishing credibility for you or your company.

A successful e-letter provides value first and foremost. It stays on topic, is delivered on a regular schedule, and uses a consistent tone and structure.

Only a well-trained, professional web writer like me can give you a newsletter that has all these winning elements.


~ Lead generation copywriting: A lead is when a prospect has somehow indicated an interest in a company’s product or service.

You can rouse or generate – and receive – a prospect’s interest through various means; your home page or other pages of your website, an eBook or eCourse/report, a white paper, email (newsletter or autoresponder, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on), etcetera.

~ EBooks Writing: eBooks are one of the best resources for positioning yourself as an instant expert in any field.

EBooks can be used for several purposes;

  • to position yourself as an authority on a subject
  • as an incentive to build your list
  • as a free gift
  • an instant source of passive income, and
  • as a part of a viral marketing campaign.

I can help you write a quality eBook, or lead generation bait piece, like a special report, or even an e-course series, that will help you achieve one or more of the above goals.


~ Blogging: A blog usually focuses around a particular subject, so it will appeal to a specific target audience. The most successful blogs have posts added on a consistent and frequent schedule.

I can help you achieve this, and the blogging goals of:

  • Creating more visibility on search engines and driving more traffic to your website
  • Establishing expert status for you as an author
  • Educating your prospects and customers
  • Creating a relationship with your target audience, and
  • Selling where necessary and possible

I will achieve this by adopting a conversational and friendly (yet authoritative) style that engages your readers and converts them to loyal customers — and raving fans — in the long run.

~ Articles Writing: Fresh content keeps visitors coming back, and feeds Search Engine Optimization.

Other than the fact that articles carry a more formal tone, might be lengthier, and may need a more journalistic approach, they seek to achieve the same goals as blogs (as listed immediately above).

I can help you with articles that will get your audience coming back for more. I know how to choose an awe-inspiring topic idea, and deliver it with a head-turning headline. My research and interview skills make my pieces topnotch, in addition to my clear and conversational writing style.

Kate Hodges“Yomi-Alliyu wrote for MSN for a period of eight months. In that time he showed a wide area of interest, with his lifestyle and entertainment pieces proving especially popular. Yomi-Alliyu’s ability to find relevant and interesting quotes added an extra layer of illustration to his stories.” – Kate Hodges (SA), Africa Editor, MSN

~ Content Marketing Strategy/Editorial Calendar: I can also help you with a powerful content marketing strategy and/or blogging/editorial calendar that you can use even if you don’t need me to write your content for you.

This will make your blogging easier, and make your blogging efforts more successful, as I will build your calendar around SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Your content marketing strategy will contain a perfect mix of various media (text, video, audio, images, infographics, etc) across various platforms (web, social media, etc) to drive home massive traffic and explosive sales.

~ Case Studies: I can help you tell the story of a problem a customer had, and how your product (or service) was able to solve that problem by giving a before-and-after summary of a challenging situation – in a compelling and systematic way.

The power of a third party sharing your product’s benefits and success story cannot be overstressed. People naturally tend to believe a third party’s story more than the owner’s.

This will naturally increase your prospect’s trust for you, and ultimately get you more sales.

~ Online Video Scripts: Online videos can cover any topic and are used for a variety of purposes.

Some common purposes of online video are:

  • Illustrate how to do something
  • Make a topic more interesting
  • Entertain and engage prospects and customers.

Video brings a topic to life. And a well-written script provides the blueprint for your video. It outlines the structure of the video, and serves as the cornerstone of the production phases.

I can help you achieve the video script copy goal of:

  • Providing direction for your entire production …
  • Educating and informing, and trying to influence buying decisions …
  •  Generating leads through a call-to-action …
  •  Coordinating with other marketing efforts to nurture leads …

Talk to me if you’d like to have a winning video script to promote your products or services.

~ Press Releases: According to PRWeb.com, Press releases are good venues for reporting timely events in your company’s life. They announce current events.

A successful Press Release campaign will involve:

  • An eye, and hears, for newsworthy information (about your company)
  • A good, professionally-written Press Release
  • SEO knowledge and keyword research skills
  • Access to top PR directories

Le me help you achieve the PR goals of;

  • Great publicity for your company;
  • More traffic to your site;
  • Giving timely announcements to the world, so editors can pick it fast;
  • Dealing with negative feedbacks online;
  • And more!

EXTERNAL PROJECTS (outside your website)

~ Social Media Copy: Successful social media is about building relationships, and sharing is a key factor. When your messages are well written, informative, and entertaining, they’ll be shared over and over again, engaging your audience and extending your reach to new prospects.

I can help you achieve the Social Media goals of:

  • Driving traffic to your website, blog, article, or video
  • Engaging with prospects and customers
  • Positioning yourself as an expert
  • Sharing news about products, services, events
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Fostering client acquisition and even direct sales

~ Press Releases: Apart from reporting news-worthy events on your site, you might distribute your press release to different PR sites where news editors can easily pick it up. See more on PR above.

~ Ads (Banner ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns): Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads are the “sponsored” ads you find on the search results page of search engines.

Paid search advertising needs great copy to break through the clutter, appeal to prospects, and drive traffic to a specific landing page/sales promotion.

I can help you achieve the goals of a successful ad campaign, which usually include:

  • Driving traffic to your landing page or web page
  • Generating leads as part of a larger marketing plan
  • Creating stronger brand awareness.

I understand every word counts, and I therefore have to apply my persuasive copywriting skills to make your ad intriguing. Hire me for the best ad campaign you’ve ever seen.

Most e-commerce sites and many others offer seasonal promotions, and they best use banner ads to offer such promos.

If you should choose to create a banner ad, who should write the content for you? You guessed right – a copywriter! Hire me and I will help you achieve the advertisement goals as highlighted above.

~ White Papers: A good white paper takes a technical topic and explores it in an objective, useful, and insightful way. B2B companies use white papers to accomplish many things.

White papers are like special reports. They attempt to objectively assess problems, examine why existing solutions fall short, and then explore new solutions. Because of their objective tone, they are very effective tools within the B2B industry.

I can help you write a great white paper, and achieve its business goals, which include:

  • Highlighting a new technology and how it solves an industry problem in a new way — the underlying goal is to promote your specific product. This kind of white paper is often used by sales people as part of the sales funnel.
  •  Building your company’s reputation by establishing it as an industry thought leader. This kind of white paper is used to garner publicity. You may also distribute it at trade shows and events.
  •  Establishing the need for new products or services or to enter a new market. In this case, a white paper may be used internally to build support for a new project within your company.


Copywriting basics are the same whether online or offline. Only more complex online.

Contact me for your offline marketing copies so that we can discuss on how best to help you.

They might include (but not limited to) Direct Mail Campaigns, Brochures, Product descriptions (used online too!), Questionnaires, Trade Show Materials, Books (ghostwriting), How-to Guides, Speeches, Welcome Packets, Resumes, Business Plan Writing, Grants Writing, Magazine Articles, Interviews, and so on.


~ Copy Critique: I can provide an objective review of your web copy, ad, sales letter, landing page, e-mail marketing campaign, etc.

When you order my Copy Critique services, you get a written report that analyzes your copy in detail. I tell you what’s good about it and what works, what doesn’t work, what should be changed… and how. My critique covers copy, design, strategy, and offer. It also includes specific directions for copy revisions and rewriting.

Plus, it’s one of the projects I love taking on the most J

~ Speaking/Teaching: Kindly contact me for more information, if you’d like me to speak at an event, or teach a group (or your in-house marketers or writers), on any of the web writing areas listed above.

~ Training/Coaching: If you need personal training in the areas of web writing, copywriting, blogging, SEO, or you’d like me to coach you on how to make money writing, kindly contact me so we can talk.

A lot can be said, but the cliché; “action speaks louder than words” comes to play here. Hire me now, and watch your business enjoy the kind of success you currently merely dream of!

Kindly use the form below to contact me on any of my services you’d like to order. Or just shoot me a mail directly on oludami@lucrativepen.com. Use the chosen service as the subject of your email. E.g, “Landing Page”.

A combination of two or more services, or a customized service for your business, is welcome. Just contact me to let me know your needs. And if you require a service that’s not listed here, kindly contact me to know if it’s something I can do. I’ll be plain with you and say no if I can’t.


Your website is not working well for you and you don’t know what exactly you’d need for it to fly?

Or you can’t really decide on which of my services your site requires?

Just contact me for a free consultation; I’ll try to quickly identify what’s wrong with your site and let you know the way forward. But if your site needs a major overhaul, you might have to pay for a full site audits.

I look forward to talking with you.

To your business success,


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