How to Break into Freelance Writing Success

How to Break into Freelance Writing Success

The essence of online freelance writing is getting writing jobs. And guess what? I’m finally back and better! I decided to do a complete overhaul of this blog and promised on my Facebook page that I was going to relaunch it this week. I’ve however learned that building (or rebuilding) a blog is a process […]

The Essence of What I Do

Even when the theme of this blog is about writing to make money – or simply put; writing for money – I’d love to declare that this is not what this blog is ALL about. This is in no way a diversion from the concrete position I hold that it’s just so fair that writers […]

Sober Reflection: A Birthday Gift for Me

Sober Reflection: A Birthday Gift for Me

A friend walked up to me and asked how my birthday would go. I replied saying it would be just a normal day, except for the fact that I would do a lot of sober reflection and cry a little bit. She looked at me as though I was crazy; who else could understand something […]

How To Write a Quality 500-Word Article Under 20 Minutes

Yes, that is very possible. You can really craft a quality copy of high standard in less than 20 minutes. This is something I learned and put into practice, and it works well. In fact, this article is almost a product of it (‘almost’ because I had to stop half-way to attend to other things). […]

A King Without A Throne

I stumbled upon the story of the last King of Egypt, Ahmed Fouad II. Little research on who he is was really worth the trouble, and consequently linking the tragic part of his story with how lonely and unattractive a blog can be. “Fuad II was the eleventh and last monarch of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, […]

5 Things You Think You Understand About Writing But You Really Don’t

This is a guest post by John Kravz, a representative of Writing is something that seems simple nowadays and there are various books that talk about it. Unfortunately, we end up picking up some things that we believe are true when the reality is totally different. Here are 5 things you think you understand […]

The Best 10 Proven Ways to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

The Best 10 Proven Ways to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Every freelance writer (newbie or veteran) would readily agree that the most famous problem faced in freelance writing is getting quality and high-paying clients. This is one issue that once bothered every veteran now with a long list of clients – though we often hear of lucky ones whose first gigs practically fell on their […]

How I Plan to End My Online Failure in 2013

“A desire changes nothing, a decision changes something but a determination changes everything” – @Akon (twitter) Failure, just like beauty, is in the ‘eye’ of the beholder. What I deem failure might differ from another person’s definition. Personally I belief failure is simply the inability to attain your set goals, and/or falling short of what […]

The Twelve Days of Poor Grammar – Writers’ Carol

I was surfing the net as usual, then I found something that really had me smiling, singing and dancing, while still learning at the same time. It is a blog entry on the EzineArticles blog titled; “The Twelve Days of Poor Grammar“, starring the EzineArticles Carolers! The entry contained a ‘musical’ video with its lyrics […]


OCTOBER was a great month for me; it was full of events and had its own milestones. I can say it was the month my blog got really alive. The month my work got a boost. The changes and progress I experienced wasn’t that much, but they were significant enough to show that with more […]